Stand Lamp
Stand Lamps

Choosing the perfect light setting for your room is an important decision. Apart from just looking good, it also has to filter light in the right way, and match the room ambiance. Our lamps focus on providing your space with a classy ambiance. These lamps don't just work to brighten up your room, they disseminate the light in an aesthetic way to provide you with a soothing atmosphere.

Keeping these aspects in mind, Kala Kathmandu offers an exclusive array of lamps and lamp covers. These products are customizable on grounds of size, textures and designs.

The stand lamp helps you to add a touch of class and panache to your living space by dispersing light to make your interior stand out. Inspired by the traditional Mandala, adding one of these to your rooms will give you a sense of tranquility while also making your abode a memorable experience.

  • Product Name : Stand Lamp
  • Product Size : -
  • Product Price : Rs.19500